Links & References

The club falls within the municipal boundaries & under the jurisdiction of the City of Marion Council

Our club is affiliated with the South Australian Canine Association now better known as DogsSA

Which refers local Obedience-related issues to its Obedience Advisory Committee

Dover Dog Club's biannual Obedience Trials follow the rules set by the Australian National Kennel Council (ANKC)

If you have friends living too far away to travel to attend Dover regularly, but are interested in training, or if you move house yourself, or find our training times clash with other commitments, there are other clubs in the metropolitan area and some regional centres offering alternatives.

NB: The following are commercial sites, but contain information which may prove of interest or value to club-members, and are provided here on that basis, with no implied recommendation or comment on the product(s) supporting the web-sites:

This is a breeder's own web-site, but is much more than that. It'a an amazing resource, offering a wealth of information, advice and lists of available services on all pet-related matters, well worth a long look -

Blatantly commercial, this site primarily services the dog-show community, but can be an excellent source of information about equipment or dog-friendly accommodation, and also offers discussion forum and classified ad. facilities.

Another general interest site for discussion topics: