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      Trialing is the competition level of Dog Obedience, an option available
      after graduation from Grade 5. The entry-level class (CCD) is conducted
      and judged mainly on-lead, while exercises in the higher level classes
      involve more complex skills and challenges for both dog & handler, and
      can progress to the titles of CD, CDX, UD & UDX which are added to the
      dog's name, rather like a degree awarded at the successful completion
      of a University course. Many of the club's long-term members' & instructors' 
      dogs have achieved some of these (and other) titles (see 'dogtitles' page for
        a full list)
and can be seen 'going through their paces' in the practice rings
      near the clubrooms on Sunday mornings.
      A 'Rule book' which details the exercises, equipment, requirements and
      rules for the various competition classes and titles, can be down-loaded
      from the web-site of the A.N.K.C., the governing body of dog competition
      of all kinds in Australia, represented in South Australia by DogsSA.
   'Dover' has had a long and consistent history of competition success in
       Obedience, and more recently in Flyball. We're proud to have fielded the
      winning team in the annual 'Balmead Shield' inter-club Novice (CD class)
      event on several occasionsin recent years, with high hopes again for 2016 .... 
      could that team perhaps include you ?
     Obedience trials are held about every second weekend throughout the year,
     hosted by the various DogsSA-affiliated clubs offering Obedience in Adelaide
     and some regional centres. Information about other clubs, their venues and
     training times can be found on the 'Clubs' page of the state's
      Obedience Advisory Committee web-site, and a list of Obedience and
     other dog-related events that you might be interested to observe or enter
     appears on the 'Calendar' page of that same site.
     We host trials at Dover in May & October each year, with a Mock Trial also
     scheduled for April, which is a good way to start your trialing career, or to learn
     more about what's involved. 
     You can also learn a great deal about trialing, and Obedience generally by helping,
     or offering to steward at one of our trials : your interest and assistance on such
     occasions will always be appreciated.
     You might also like to consider  Rally Obedience
     Competitions are also conducted in Agility & Jumping, Tracking, Herding,
     Retrieving, Earthdog, Dancing With Dogs, with some sports restricted to certain
     breeds or types of dog.   More information about these options is available from
     the DogsSA office or web-site.
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         All club members are invited and encouraged to aim for 'competition
      standard' in their training, even if you have no intention of competing
      as it offers a benchmark to the exercises you're learning in class, and
      the foundation for whatever you might want to achieve together with
      your dog in the future. Many of our successful triallers initially joined
      the club bringing a family pet for its general education or behaviour  
      management, with no aspirations for competition (most people don't
      know such things exist) but found the experience so rewarding that
      they've stayed on and became 'hooked' on 'Dogsports', some bringing
      a succession of dogs through the classes over time; and sometimes
      several generations of a family become involved.You don't have to be
      the star of your class to take this up, but you do have to be prepared
      to put in the time and effort to establish a good relationship with your
      dog, and be prepared for some disappointment along the way. We all
      understand the highs & lows of Dogsports, but competition success is
      just one of many rewards of participating in the Obedience community.

You are all encouraged to talk to your instructor, or the Head Instructor,
      if you'd like to aim for competition work. To enter a trial, you must first
      become a member of DogsSA (The South Australian Canine Association)
      and your dog must be registered with them too, either as a pedigreed or
      'Associate' dog; but all that can wait until
you're nearly ready to enter
      your first event; though it's worthwhile to check out the costs involved
      before deciding on a 'career' in Dogsports. Members receive a monthly  
      'Journal' in which the schedules for forthcoming events are published,
      detailing venues, judges, cost, and where and when to submit entries.
      Entry forms can be purchased from the club office, or from DogsSA, or
      a computer-generated exact copy of the official form is also acceptable;
      but you should be aware that Trial Secretaries can refuse to accept any  
      form which is incomplete or inappropriately presented (e.g: not signed)



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