Special Meeting Package

For meeting to be held on 2nd April


Classes are now in recess for the summer break, to recommence in the first week of February

Training recommences for 2023 on: 

  • Sunday morning - February 5th
  • Tuesday evening (Puppy Kindy) - February 7th
  • Wednesday evening - February 8th

Registration / membership renewal day

  • Sunday January 22nd, 2023  @  09.30am - 11am


Trial Calendar

A calendar of all Obedience and Rally trials (and those for other Dog sports such as Flyball, Agility & Jumping, Tracking, & Herding ) can be found on the Dog Obedience SA web-site, but events specifically for members of our own club will be featured here and up-dated as the year progresses.

Dover's calendar year regularly includes two annual official Obedience competitions, traditionally in May and October.

These events have not been held during the periods of Covid and subsequently the redevelopment of the clubgrounds & facilities, but the dates of these events in 2023 are Sundays May 21st and October 8th.

The club has traditionally also conducted at least one Mock trial each year, usually in the weeks leading up to one or other of these trials.

Anyone considering trialing is encouraged to attend, even if only to observe, as they offer an excellent opportunity to learn about what's involved in trialing without the commitment or stress of a real entry.

Offers of assistance at these events are always welcome.